Edit 11/20/20: I have since resolved the vast majority of issues with the individual mentioned in this article. This was possible because we both chose to listen, have patience, and spend an hour talking in-person on a porch, defusing what was initially a tense meeting. For that I am highly grateful and express explicit respect for B. There were more two-way miscommunications than expected — the crux of all interpersonal evil! It ended in a hug and best wishes. This article and my interpretation of events remain published for the lessons and ideas presented within. We are moving on.


The other day I shared my naked body on the Internet. In ~15 years of Surfing the Web 🏄🏻 I couldn’t have imagined those words ever flowing from my fingertips, not until this year. Rarely do I ever see male photographers and/or models share their own bodies vulnerably on Instagram. The idea to share these photos started as a curiosity. I chose to hold back any commentary or context as a small litmus test.

So, a bit of context: in the age of social media I’m often wondering how others perceive me. In 2017 I learned that it’s okay and…

Derek J. DiRisio (Diriz)

Vulnerable. Author of Rochester Grimoire. Storyteller. http://diriz.com/

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